mhmMiguel Hernández pursued a Bachelor Degree in Music Performance (guitar) at the Escuela Nacional De Música, UNAM. Towards the end of his studies, Hernández became interested in electroacoustic music and sound art. In these areas, his work “El Santo Cuántico” (commissioned by the 2nd International Sound Art Festival, Mexico) was awarded the 28th International Prize for Electroacoustic Music and Sound Art from the IMEB (Bourges, France). His music has been performed in France, Spain, Colombia, United States, Chile, Canada and Mexico. He is also a founding member of Machintosco, a collective of musicians and artists devoted to electroacoustic music and sound art. Since 2000, Hernández has worked as sound-designer for theatrical plays, audio post-production and re-recording mixer for radio, television and film. His work has been recognized by the  Mexican Academy of Sciences and Cinematographic Arts (Academia Mexicana De Artes y Ciencias Cinematográficas), which granted Hernández several Ariel Awards for Best Sound: in 2005 for the film Temporada de Patos, in 2008 for the film Desierto Adentro, and in 2010 for the film El Infierno. He won the First Place in the radio programs competition of the 8th International Biennial of Radio Mexico 2010, for the radio program La Cabeza del Siervo.